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Chris Adam

Choosing the right banking team member or sales professional takes more than finding a candidate with the right resume.  It means seeking out a candidate who fits in well with the team, shares the vision of the organization’s leadership and looks forward to being a part of the community.  This process is something Chris knows and understands well in both the banking and sales professions.

“My goal is to connect with the candidates we talk to, get to know them and understand what they bring to the table,” he says. “In today’s marketplace we see people who may have had a previous career in an unrelated industry but who can apply their knowledge and experience in a new way. As I listen to what they have to say and get a handle on who they are, I am able to assess whether his or her expertise, skillsets and goals are right for my client.”

Chris worked as a manager for a major rental car company for many years. He subsequently went into the field of logistics, working with oil and gas refineries. It was his extensive experience working with people and processes that led him to The Executive Group.

“Because I’m open to people who have a background similar to mine in terms of career transitions, I have been able to find some ‘out of the box’ types of candidates for the clients I work with,” he says.

Chris says he also looks for creative ways to locate candidates who appreciate particular lifestyle amenities. It sometimes is less about the income opportunities and more about the lifestyle they can enjoy with their families, he says. In a small town, that could mean going out on the lake at the end of the day or heading out duck hunting.

“Ultimately,” he says, “it comes down to finding the person who is going to do well and have the desire to be a part of the client’s organization for a long time to come.”

Chris is a graduate of Montana State University-Northern in Havre. After hours, he and his wife enjoy spending time together and with their daughter. He also loves barbequing—especially on college game days.


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