As a Chief Credit Administrator of a community bank, we have multiple locations in more rural Colorado.  As such it is often difficult to recruit for those areas without casting a wide net and spending time, energy, and financial and other resources to find capable and experienced staff.  Meg provides that service for us.  I have known Meg my entire banking career of nearly twenty-five years and have relied on her services on both ends of a transaction.

Meg is a trusted resource, always willing to share her experience while maintaining the confidentiality required.

The work performed by Meg is professional, timely, accurate, and yields qualified and professional candidates.  I doubt that we could attract such high quality individuals through traditional advertising.

Greg Dixson, CEO

As a Chief Credit Officer, I have relied on Meg for hiring commercial bankers.  Her experience lends a great understanding in finding the right match for the right position.  She has displayed strong integrity and has proven her ethics and desire for a long-term relationship with her clients.

Dave Ahlrichs, SVP and Chief Credit Officer

I have engaged Meg Burvainis as a professional recruiter for over 15 years.  She has conducted numerous searches on my behalf involving the placement of a wide variety of professional banking position in numerous banks across several markets.  I have found Meg to be a consummate professional. Meg is always concerned that her placements work for the long term from the perspectives of both the employer and the employee.  She is less focused on the transaction and all-focused on the relationship.

Mark J. Martinez, Executive Vice President

We have worked with Meg Burvainis for many years and have found we get the most value for our recruiting dollar with her and The Executive Group.

Meg works hard at understanding our needs and provides us with well-vetted, qualified candidates that usually end up working with us.  We still have every candidate we have hired through her efforts with us today and they are all high performers.  We truly believe we get better applicants through her vetting process than we could develop through our own.  When we have a staffing need, Meg is our first call.

Steve Muell, CEO

Meg Burvainis is now the only Executive Recruiter I use or recommend for others to use. I have hired a number of junior and senior bankers for small, remote, tough-to-fill locations with her assistance. She knows that turnover is a killer for community bankers, so she is as vested in finding the right, long-term fit, as I am.

Best of all, she truly cares… about her candidates and about her relationships with those of us needing her service. She’s the best!

Ann Nelson, Regional President

When we recruit for mid to high-level management staff, we rely on the services of The Executive Group.  Their response to our needs has been outstanding.  They listen to our requirements and are flexible in working with us according to our schedules.  Most importantly, they truly treat us as a partner in a candidate search.  We highly recommend The Executive Group for any company’s recruiting needs.

Edie Tholo, Bank Executive Vice President


Jamie has a solid work ethic, which has helped her excel among her peers. That combined with her outgoing personality has made her successful in everything she endeavors. Her clients love dealing with her because she treats them right. From a manager’s perspective, she is self motivated, hard working, reliable and trustworthy.

Mike Felten, Account Manager

Working with Jamie is always a good, pleasant experience.  She immediately grasps the needs presented to her, follows up in a timely manner, and conducts business with exemplary ethics and discretion.

Bill W.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jamie on several occasions where we were challenged to staff high level professional technical positions with clients in the Chemical Process Industry.  Jamie seems to have a knack of where to go to find this talent, and consistently performs in a timely, professional, and quality conscious manner. She’s not only responsive, but also does so in an enthusiastic and accommodating manner.

Jim Gifford, President

Jamie is a gifted recruiter with a keen eye for talent. I have had the opportunity to work with her on several high profile recruiting assignments for the oil and gas industry. She is professional, conscientious, and knowledgeable. I consider her a valuable recruiting partner and appreciate her insight and high level of dedication.

Stephanie Walsh, Recruiting Associate

Jamie with The Executive Group was very professional and knowledgeable about the process. She understood my family needs and negotiated a package per my desires. Her staff was very proficient and made so many things easier for me. She offered me huge help with interview and preparation for the meeting. I definitely would work with them again.

Suhail Kanwar, M.S., P.E.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kelsey. She is a professional with a strong work ethic and passion for the business. I could always count on her to respond to me quickly and keep me in the loop during the hiring process. She was very prompt in answering my questions and finding out any necessary information on the position. I would definitely work with her again.

Suhail Kanwar, P.E.


I have had the pleasure of working with, and getting to know, Juanita Smith of The Executive Group over the past few years. Juanita is a class act. She has a “can-do” attitude, and a knack for translating what you are looking for into a meaningful approach when recruiting. She is an able ambassador for our Company, and sources well qualified candidates in a relatively short period of time – no small feat given our industry and locale.

Philip Waddell, Vice President of Human Resources

Karissa stands out as one of the best recruiters I have worked with when it comes to finding talent.  Her attention to detail in connection with recruiting for the right talent to fill our open positions is refreshing.  Karissa does this by asking the right questions and screen candidates to this information to ensure she presents the best and most talented candidates for our review in connection with our open positions. Karissa’s full circle approach to recruiting; including following up with the candidate and client regularly once a successful placement has occurred, is unparalleled.  Karissa is always at the top of my list when it comes to recruiting.

Erin Johnson, Human Resources Generalist

I have been both a candidate Karissa was working with and a client that hired her to help source talent for various roles. She had impressed me so much with her attention to detail and her tenacity when I was a candidate that I knew I would want to work with her in the future.

Travis White, HR Generalist/Recruiter

Juanita is the best of the best! She is a very straightforward business professional that delivers results and it is always a pleasure working with her. She is very helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for you, if you need her assistance. She is a top producer in the recruiting world; very detail oriented, professional and always keeps our candidates best interest at heart. My team and I are thankful for the relationship we have built with Juanita and would recommend her to anyone seeking a TOP Recruiting Professional to work with.

Tony McClain, President & CEO

I engaged Juanita to work on a couple of open requisitions.  She was very responsive and asked the right questions to ensure she could source the right candidates.  Juanita is very easy to work with and is very responsive to the feedback on candidates.  Further, she is very efficient when setting up interviews and coordinating communication with candidates that we were interested in speaking with.  I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting Juanita if I needed assistance with a staffing need.

Darren Geary, Director of Human Resources

Juanita is a consummate professional. I was impressed by her overall presentation the first time I did business with her. She took the time to really understand our company’s needs before offering up candidates.  She is timely, professional, friendly, fast-paced, energetic, and enthusiastic. She understands business and recruiting at its core. She continues to be someone in my mind that is a “GO TO” person. I’d recommend her and her work to any organization.

Berenice Campos, Human Resources Manager

Juanita guided me through a very lengthy and extraordinary recruiting process which was required by my present employer.  Under the most trying circumstances she handled my placement with honesty and integrity and had my best interests at heart.  I can honestly say on the day the offer was extended and all the conversations it took to get there Juanita had gone from recruiter to a dear friend.

Keith Finke, CPA, CFE

I have only worked with Juanita Smith for just two short months, but in that time I have quickly realized what a hardworking, dedicated professional she is.  Juanita is everything that I want in a third party recruiting resource.  She’s friendly & responsive and provides solid candidates in a timely manner.  I look forward to continuing my partnership with her.

Dan Mullen, Growth Recruiter

I have worked with Juanita Smith at the Executive Group recently and have found the firm and Juanita to be exceptional regarding their professionalism and performance. The Executive Group and Juanita are indeed top notch relative to recruiting and executive placement services.

Jeff Wirth, Corporate Safety Director and Operations

Juanita partnered with our organization in 2013 working on a critical maintenance leadership position for a remote location in Louisiana.  This position was critical to the success of the maintenance operations so having the position filled in a timely manner was very important.  Juanita worked aggressively to identify the best fit which resulted in an excellent hire and within four weeks.

Scott Davis, Lead Recruiter